Special Events Schedule

Monday    Sports Team Spirit Day
Show your Team Spirit by wearing your Team shirt or Hat
1:00 PM    SPL Meeting (Scoutcraft Shelter)
1:00 PM    Mile Swim Sign-ups (Amphitheatre)

Tuesday    Crazy Hat Day
12:45 PM   Jr. Staff/SPL Volleyball
9:00 PM     Movie Night

Wednesday    Order of the Arrow Day
Wear an OA T-shirt during the day and your OA sash to dinner
1:00 PM    SPL Meeting (Scoutcraft Shelter)    
9:00 PM    Vespers (Amphitheatre)
OA Cracker Barrel (Dining Hall)    Following Vespers

Thursday    2011 Camp T-shirt Day
6:00 AM    Polar Bear Swim Club
7:30 AM    SM Breakfast
12:45 PM  Key Staff/SM Volleyball
4:30 PM    Family Night Begins
4:30 PM    Mile Swim (Waterfront)
6:00 PM    Dinner
7:10 PM    Assembly (Troop Roster Check)
7:30 PM    Scoutmaster Walk the Plank
7:30 PM    Canoe Race (Waterfront)
7:30 PM    Catapult Challenge (Dining Hall) following

Friday    Troop T-Shirt Day
2:30-4:30 PM  Grand Ole Adventure
4:30 PM    Davie Jones Armada
7:30 PM    SPL/SM Meeting (Scoutcraft Shelter)
8:30 PM    Closing Campfire (Amphitheatre)